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Southern Pet Cremations is a locally owned and operated pet cremation service.

It is located in the countryside west of Sylvester, Georgia, where Michael has lived his entire life. The land has been in his family since the 1940’s and was actually a dairy farm from the early 1960’s until 1995. Michael and Judy were married in 1970 and have always been busy with animals. They understand how devastating the loss of an animal can be; especially a pet that has lived with the family. Their home has felt the love of several pets. Both had pets as children, and when they married, they continued to have house pets as well as their farm animals. Their first house pet was a calico cat named “Pumpkin”. She was Michael’s running partner. She would run with Michael to the dairy barn, but if he was in the house, she would get on the AC unit and look in the window to see what he was doing. “Pickle” was their cocker spaniel mix that was dropped at their house. What a joy she quickly became to them, especially to their son, Jim, who was 6 years old at the time. They had her about 6 months when she went missing. How sad they were. They searched several days and did not find her. Months later, on a Sunday afternoon, a car stopped in front of their home and put out a dog. Yes! It was their beloved Pickle. She fell right back into her old routine just like she had never been gone. She would wake up in the mornings and watch Michael to see what kind of shoes he put on. If he put on rubber boots, she was out the door in a flash! Gone to help feed the cows or chase a rat. However, if he put on running shoes, she would quietly get back in her bed for an extended nap. How smart that girl was! When she started having seizures, and the time came to make that dreaded decision, all of them were devastated. They said their goodbyes through tears and buried her in their yard next to the fence. “Whiskers” was Judy’s black and white long-haired cat. She was quite finicky and set in her ways. If she wanted to be petted, okay. If not, stay away. She really was a one-person cat. Then came “Short”. He was a Pembroke Corgi given to Michael by his son and daughter-in-law. Short loved all people and they loved him. Wherever Michael went, Short went. If Michael went to the bank, so did Short. If Michael went to the nursing home, so did Short. He was the most gentle, loving creature God ever created. Short eventually joined Pickle by the fence, and once again the family was broken-hearted. All their pets have brought special memories to them, because they loved and were loved. So Michael and Judy understand how if feels to have loved and lost a pet. It is a sad time when you lose a vital part of your family. All that is left are memories that are cherished and held close in minds and hearts.
The folks at Southern Pet Cremations will be honored to assist you during this unfortunate time. Their service will be provided with care, dignity, and honesty. Michael and Judy, along with their children and grandchildren, look forward to serving their community in the future. Thank you in advance for allowing them to serve you.